SECC Office of Education




The mission of the Office of Education is to assist schools to be grace oriented, academically excellent, financially solvent, and distinctly Seventh-day Adventist Christian.


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July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2018



  • To develop a strategic master plan for education in Southeastern California Conference which will include location of schools, enrollment strategies, subsidies, and other related demographics.



  • To continue to work on strengthening the partnership between local churches and schools.
  • To establish collaboration between the campus Bible teacher/chaplain with local pastors and youth pastors.
  • To continue assisting schools in the spiritual development of its faculty members and students by integrating faith in learning and the implementation of Character Education programs.
  • To continue to be intentional in encouraging service learning.



  • To provide K-12 inservices for teachers and administrators that will address current teaching strategies and best practices.
  • To nurture teachers toward leadership who express interest and demonstrate ability in education administration.
  • To assist in the implementation of new NAD endorsed curriculum.
  • To promote integration of technology in learning.



  • To develop strategies to assist small schools with financial challenges.
  • To assist schools with issues involving church school subsidy.
  • To continue to grow the Education Quasi Endowment.
  • To support schools in marketing initiatives that will make Adventist Education more accessible.
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