Educators in all grade levels can find useful material on this online resource.  Use it to locate everything from flash cards in French to worksheets that help youngsters improve spelling.
Utilize this website to view an array of coloring pages and classroom activities for everything from holidays to history.  Educators can also use it to find articles about different school-related topics.
Free to educators, the CyberSmart! Student Curriculum empowers students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.
United States Department of Eduation website
Build a crossword puzzle or locate worksheets for students K-12 with this site.  A section of it features activities and stories in Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Cover all facets of teaching and education - including lesson planning, professional development and school-related issues-with this online resource.  Also use it to find creative new ways to teach students.
The Adventist Review for kids, and those who will always be kids at heart
Discover fun, informative, and wonderfully illustrated worksheets for young students.  Clip art for your own worksheets can be found here, too.
Ready-to-use lesson plans for students K-12 are available on this educational tool.  You can also add your own curriculum examples through this site.
Teachers with young ESL learners will find this resource especially valuable.  It's learning tools include flashcards, phonics cards, and ESL/EFL games.
Enhance your curriculum by using the online and offline lessons provided here.  This PBS site's activities featuring familiar television characters give students an extra incentive.
Activities and worksheets on various topics from A to Z are offered here.  Free worksheets to enhance lessons learned in the classroom are provided.
Visit this site to share your lesson plans or view examples submitted by fellow teachers.  Ideas are included to make learning more fun, such as games and printable flash cards.




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