ALLERGIES: Suggestions for Dealing with Severe Peanut Allergies at School 


Bloodborne Pathogen Online Training Links
Environmental Health & Safety Online Training Module
Bloodborne Pathogens Training Video
Bloodborne Pathogen Safety

Support Kids Who Are Bullied

Stop Bullying.Gov (or select the link below)

Be More than a Bystander (Select Get Started and Choose a  Video Topic)



California Immunization Requirements
A link to tools that can assist schools with the education, implementation, and administration of
immunization requirements in California

Concussion Fact Sheet for Teachers, Counselors, and School Professionals


Concussions: Recognition, Response, Activity, and Prevention


Disaster Preparedness Planning


How Schools Can Help Prevent Childhood Obesity
PowerPoint Presentation

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Our Schools

PowerPoint Presentation for Staff Training


Red Book (revised 8/1/2019)
Guidelines for the Administration of School Health and Safety


Refresh Your CPR/First Aid Skills


Safe Social Media for Educators
PowerPoint Presentation 


Training: Administering Medication
PowerPoint Presentation for school personnel


Your Safety Comes First!
PowerPoint Presentation on Safety Training for New Teachers

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