How to Get a Teaching Position in SECC


So, you're looking for a teaching job and you think SECC may be for you.  Well, here are some tips to make your efforts count.

Resumes and Applications: 
Send your application to the Southeastern California Conference Office of Education.  Be sure to use the Southeastern California Conference or the Pacific Union Conference Employment Application (certicated positions) for all professional job classifications.  Please be sure that you fill out the application completely.  It requires you to provide information on certification and teaching preference that is often left off the resume.  Resumes are not required, but if you choose to use one, indicate at the beginning what you want to do and be specific.  Don't say something like, "I prefer a teaching position in grades 1-3.  Small school, or large.  I will teach single grades or combinations."  Be sure to mention any geographical or other restrictions you have on jobs you would consider.

Who's Who:
  First, find out who makes the recommendation regarding hiring teachers.  Hiring is done by the local school board, but usually one person is responsible for doing the leg work and making the critical recommendation.  In large schools it is the principal.  In small schools it is the conference representative to the school board.

The Personal Touch:
  Get to know the key person - the principal or the conference board representative.  Call and talk to them and try to meet them in person if that is possible.

Keep Checking:
  There may be no current openings today or even any potential openings but in two weeks an opening may occur.  Stay in contact with the schools where you are most interested.  From February to June the Office of Education does a weekly update on the openings in the conference. 

Be Persistent:
  Openings occur from January through August.  While most hiring is completed by the end of May, (the deadline for calling currently employed teachers from another conference is May 1), openings occur through the summer.  When late openings occur the applicant list is usually shorter.

What's the Process?
  At schools with full time principals, the principal does the screening.  At small schools that work is done by the Office of Education representative to that school board.

The principal or board representative develops the initial list from personal knowledge and applications that fit the criteria.  The list is narrowed by an initial screening.  Next, the principal or board representative begins the detailed work.  He or she checks on references.  Often the principal or board represenative arrange to observe the applicant teaching if the applicant is high on the list.  Usually there is a school site visit by the top applicants accompanied by an interview.  Many principals and board representatives use the SRI structured interview which is a lengthy, thorough interview.

Larger schools have personnel committees that review the work of the principal and vote a recommendation to the school board.  The school board makes the employment decision.  At some schools, more likely the small schools, the personnel committee or board does a short interview with the teacher before the decision is made.

Happy job hunting and may the Lord help you find just the right place where you may serve Him!

If we may serve you in any way, we are happy to do so.  Our phone number is (951) 509-2307.  The contact person for personnel records is Rachael Gil.

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