SECC Office of Education



The mission of the Office of Education is to assist schools to be grace oriented, academically excellent, financially solvent, and distinctly Seventh-day Adventist Christian.




  • Christ-centered focus: grace orientation to all stakeholders
  • Student centered: student first focus/every student succeed
  • Academic excellence
  • Financial solvency
  • Excellent customer service
  • Healthy interpersonal relationships and collaboration



July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2023



  • To continue to work on the SECC strategic initiative subset, EDUCATE.
  • To identify the Core Values of who we are as an education system and work to infuse those values throughout the schools in SECC.


  • To develop strategies to work on strengthening the partnership between local churches and schools.
  • To encourage all scholls to be intentional in service learning and mission and outreach.
  • To assist schools in the spiritual developmemt of faculty and students.



  • To provide ECEC/K-12 in-services for teachers and administrators that will address current teaching strategies and best practices
  • To strengthen curriculum and academic growth through the expansion of Curriculum Coaching in SECC academies and small schools.
  • To explore and increase the implementation of different instructional models that will reflect best practices in curriculum delivery.



  • To provide support in small schools with financial challenges
  • To assist schools and churches with issues involving church school subsidy
  • To reevaluate the method of financing Christian Education in SECC looking at all sources of funding, church subsidy, conference subsidy, and tuition.
  • To look for sources that can provide “new money” to assist in offsetting the cost of Christian Education in SECC.
  • To grow the Education Quasi Endowment

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